2019 Style Trends According to The Zoe Report
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Y’all I love me some Rachel Zoe. I think she’s incredible. She’s sassy and she’s stylish. Love it.

I was watching The Zoe Report Instagram story and this was the article headline they were promoting in one of the posts:

I, of course, clicked the link. I wanna know what the trickiest winter boots are, and I want to know how to style them.

To make a long story short, the winter boot trend they were talking about are fashionable hiking boots.

These range from Timberland-esque style boots to white Doc Martins.

They recommend pairing these with a “sweet textural coat” or even making your boots the *pop* of color to your outfit.

If you don’t own a pair of colorful boots (most people don’t), or you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the options they provide ($670!), just take whatever pair of boots you have and add one of our boot wraps to it.

Not only can the boot wrap provide a “sweet textural” effect, but they can also add that *pop* of color to your outfit that The Zoe Report was talking about.

Not only does The Zoe Report talk about this awesome boot trend, but they had another article talking about their 2019 forecasts.

Here’s a few of them that I thought were perfectly relevant for Scraps and Wraps.

Utility Chic

“Winter-ready lug sole boots, utility belts, cargo pants, and even pocket-laden military coats are all pieces on the fashion industry’s radar from the year ahead…A sleek pump with practical pants or a silky slip dress with boots are combinations I could easily imagine giving a spin.”

Great news! Our boot wraps can be paired with virtually any style of boots. We dare you to give it a try. Not only that, but they can also double as an ankle wrap that you can pair with some sky high heels.

Arts and Crafts

“The DIY aesthetic has returned to fashion and no matter how crafty you consider yourself (I did knit a scarf once, so there’s that) there’s a way to incorporate a little bit of art-class chic into your 2019 aesthetic…there’s also something to be said for the genius of a simple accessory…”

I’m sorry. Did I launch my business just in time?

Each of our boot wraps are one-of-a-kind and handmade. There’s nothing more arts and crafty than that. Plus a lot of our fabric is vintage.

Fancy Feet

“…But, while I tend to favor comfortable footwear (my current commute is a 30 minute walk to work, people!), for the year ahead, I’m embracing the dainty, embellished heel, at least on days when I plan on keeping steps to a minimum.”

Girl, are we speaking the same language? Not only are our boot wraps incredible, handmade, diy-esque, but they also dress up any shoe (yeah we said ANY). Give yourself some fancy feet without spending an atrocity of money.

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