Boot Belts

From vintage fabrics and unique one-of-a-kind designs you’ll have trouble choosing just one boot belt design. Make your favorite boots fit your personality and walk with confidence.

Why Boot Belts

You can spice up your tops by adding jewelry, jackets, scarves, and more. You can personalize your pants by cuffing them, adding  a belt, or even switching up your shoes to dress them up or down. So why can’t you dress up your shoes? 

Now you can!

One pair of boots can be dressed up in dozens of ways to showcase your unique style. Boot belts allow you to wrap your boots in different patterns, colors, and styles. Forget buying multiple pairs of boots to try to match to each outfit you own. Now you can wear your favorite pair of boots to just about any occasion. Wrap your boots in boho inspired belts, or rhinestones and you’ll be ready for everything from Coachella to business meetings.


Sweet Bootie Collection

The goal of our first collection is to have people stopping you in the streets and exclaiming, “Sweet bootie!” We designed this collection of boot belts with sweet, delicate, women in mind, with just a touch of Southern influence. Featured accoutrements include vintage lace, flower details, denim, and more. These boot belts wrap perfectly around cowboy boots, motorcycle boots,  ankle booties, and more. Even the most rugged boots can become a touch “girly.”


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Spotlight Boot Belts

See what some of our favorite and most popular designs are. Because each of our boot belts are handmade, each piece is unique. So you don’t have to worry about showing up to a party wearing the same thing as someone else.

Create Your Own Style

Choose your own boot belt that represents your style. Wear one set of boot belts in the morning, and a different set in the evening. Stop searching for the perfect pair of boots, and find the perfect boot belt instead. Now you can wear your favorite pair of boots to any occasion, because with the help of boot belts, they’ll be dress code appropriate anywhere!

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